Butterfly Paper Towel Holder

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Pineapple Paper Towel Holder

Butterfly Paper Towel Holder

Arthur Court Designs are created in California and are hand-made by artisans from all over the world. Each timeless creation has been cast from raw aluminum and then turned into the beautiful table decorations and serve-ware you see today.

Care Instructions

Wash your Arthur Court Designs aluminum serve-ware by hand with mild dish-washing soap and dry immediately. DO NOT PUT IN THE DISHWASHER. The brilliant polished luster of your aluminum
will be permanently dulled by the high heat of a dishwasher.

To prevent stains, remove all food and liquid - especially fatty acids, vinegar or salad dressings - from platters and vessels after use or insert a glass liner for food service. It is recommended that just prior to serving, your piece is wiped or sprayed with vegetable oil. By doing so, the oil will act as a barrier against highly acidic or salty foods, which may otherwise dull or discolor the finish.

As needed, polish with 100% cotton flannel polishing cloth.